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Product Features

We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure every part of the Übertüb is built with quality and designed for ease-of-use. The following are just a few of the product features you’ll love about the Übertüb.

Easy to Inflate and Deflate

We’ve designed a patent-pending valve system that allows you to use just about whatever you have on hand to inflate your tube. A gas station air pump, your portable air compressor, a foot/hand pump, or even our easy-to-use manual inflation tool will quickly do the trick. A check valve keeps all the air inside your Übertüb while you screw on the convenient cap that locks all the parts in place.

You will never again have to struggle to deflate your tube. Just unscrew the valve assembly and all the air rushes out, allowing you to quickly roll up your Übertüb, or fold it flat. A 42” tube deflates in mere seconds so you’ll be off and ready to go. Your old inner tube sure didn’t do that!

Multiple Color Choices

The old carbon-black tubes were pretty darn good, but they looked a bit drab. Not anymore! The Übertüb is available in several colors of rubber in addition to the classic black model. We’ve worked with leading rubber compounding companies to produce a UV-stable, durable, and safe recreation-specific colored material. Now you can have it both ways–real rubber and your favourite color, too.

Convenient Storage and Portability

With no trapped air inside, your Übertüb easily slides into the included quick-dry mesh bag and it’s ready for next time. Its small packed size makes it a breeze to toss into a suitcase, load in a trunk, or stow it wherever you want. Storing and transporting your Übertüb just became a whole lot more convenient.

Durable and Dependable

Constructed using industrial-strength butyl rubber, your Übertüb is ready for just about any punishment that you or your kids can dish out. We’ve tried all kinds of ways to destroy it (check out our YouTube Channel) and the Übertüb just keeps coming back for more abuse. Every part of the product is designed and crafted with quality in mind. These are built to last–just like the old days.

Thoughtful Valve Design

At long last – a tube with a valve that doesn’t jab you while you’re swimming or sliding down a snow-covered hill. All the valve components stack neatly together and are enclosed by an easy-grip cap. The valve is flush and contoured with the inside surface of the Übertüb for safety and comfort. And it looks really slick to boot–what’s not to love?


Government regulations for phthalates, and other nasty chemicals often found in many PVC vinyl (plastic) toys/inflatables, are being banned around the world, especially in the toy industry. The rubber used to build the Übertüb is completely inert, and won’t leach anything into the environment or cause any health issues. Designing for both people and the environment is a key part of our philosophy.

Multi-Season Fun

Why pack away your Übertüb when it gets cold outside? Many of us remember hurtling ourselves down the snow-covered hills, bouncing harmlessly off jumps and bumps. Get your kids (young and old) outside in the winter and enjoy some healthy outdoor play.

Personalize or Repair

Make your Übertüb your very own. With a variety of instant-stick rubber patches in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, your tube will be one-of-a-kind. And while we have every confidence in our product’s durability, if you do somehow manage to spring a leak, simply fix it. Why throw away what can easily be made new again?


Every step of the manufacturing process has been designed to have a minimal impact on the environment. We even offer a replacement warranty…so if you ever find a way to destroy your Übertüb, we’ll take it back, and reprocess the rubber to produce new products. We are always thinking of ways to leave things a little better than we found them. And that means re-thinking how we build our products so that we remove waste from the equation.

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